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Low-pressure mercury discharge lamps with a tubular 26 mm envelope


Simple lamp-for-lamp replacement for more than 10% energy savings
Makes lighting installations compliant with latest indoor lighting standards
Relatively high efficacy, both initially and during lifetime, with high lumen maintenance


The only T8 fluorescent lamp that saves more than 10% of energy in existing indoor luminaires
Can be directly retrofitted into existing fluorescent fittings operating on conventional EM or HF gear in indoor applications
Uses the latest highly efficient phosphors and special filling gas
High-quality lighting with good colour rendering (CRI>80)
Light output comparable to other TL-D Super 80 colours
Lumen maintenance and lifetime the same as other TL-D Super 80 colours


For use in indoor applications with room temperatures above 20 °C (which implies temperature around the lamp of over 25-35 °C)
Primary focus on offices, schools and hospitals; secondary focus on retail, industry, supermarkets
Not recommended under the following conditions: - with air flow around the lamps - in luminaires with active air handling (lamp temperature will not be the required 25-35 °C, but room temperature) - in open luminaires/battens very close to air conditioning outlets or cold air flows - in space above freezers (temperature may easily drop below 20 °C) - in combination with VRUs (voltage reduction units)
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