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MASTER TL-D Power Saver Set

MASTER TL-D Power Saver Set

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The MASTER TL-D Power Saver Set is a perfect solution for upgrading your existing lighting installation with a special TL-D lamp with an intelligent starter. It offers considerable energy savings while maintaining the same lighting level and a better light quality. The MASTER TL-D Power Saver Set is easy to install, simply by changing the lamp and the starter. The benefits are huge in all current installations with TL-D lamps.


Significant energy saving while maintaining light levels and improving light quality in comparison with TL-D Standard colours lamps (halophosphate)
Higher colour rendering than TL-D Standard colours lamps (halophosphate)
Longer lifetime than TL-D Standard colours lamps (halophosphate)
Instant, smooth and flicker-free start-up of the lamps
Lamps are switched off directly at end-of-life, preventing irritation (no flickering), unnecessary electricity consumption and fire risk
Starter contains flame-retardant components; UV-resistant canister ensures increased safety and secure ignition


Up to 30% energy saving, while maintaining the lighting level compared to a TL-D Standard colours lamps (halophosphate), is achieved by an intelligent electronic starter in combination with the most efficient fluorescent TL-D lamp
Designed for operation on electromagnetic gear only
Full thermal safety monitoring which cuts off defective or end-of-life lamps
Instant flicker-free ignition (nom. 2.0 seconds)
Can be ignited from -15 to +50 °C
Product range is RoHS-compliant
Product range is covered by WEEE


Suitable to replace TL-D Standard colours lamps (halophosphate) in all existing TL-D luminaires with electromagnetic gear (220/240V, 50 Hz). Use on 60 Hz and/or 110 V systems leads to non-functionality of the system.
Can also be used to replace MASTER TL-D Super 80 lamps, but the light output of the total installation will then be reduced by approximately 20%.
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