T12 lamp for reliable ignition

TL-M Rapid Start Super 80

TL-M Rapid Start Super 80

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    The TL-M RS (Rapid Start) Super 80 lamp (tube diameter 38 mm) offers more lumens per watt and better color rendering than TL standard colors. The lamp has an external silicon coating and an external ignition strip. It is suitable for situations where low temperatures and high humidity require fast and stable ignition. Rapid Start lamps can be ignited without a starter.


    Well-defined ignition for fast, easy ignition at low temperatures
    /80 colors have good color rendering and high efficacy compared with standard colors
    Create atmospheres from warm white to cool daylight


    RS (Rapid Start) lamps with an external silicon coating
    External ignition strip connected via a high-ohmic resistor to one of the electrodes
    Available in /80 colors and varying color designations


    /80 colors are especially used in applications where people are often present
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