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HF-Selectalume II for TL-D lamps

HF-Selectalume II for TL-D lamps

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HF-Selectalume II is the most cost-effective, reliable, slim and affordable fluorescent solution, with highly disruptive technology for energy saving, system flexibility and unsurpassed performance.The cost-saving HF-Selectalume II has a robust design which meets all relevant international safety and performance standards.HF-Selectalume II is intended for use with indoor lighting fixtures such as spotlights, downlights and recessed luminaires, which are largely used in office, retail, industry, hotel, restaurant and other applications where control devices are installed with occasional On/Off switching activity


Automatic restart (after voltage dip or lamp exchange) ensures easy operation and hassle-free re-lamping.
DC emergency operation in line with IEC/EN 60598-2-22 luminaire norms
Suitable for luminaires in protection class I and, after testing, class II


Complies with CE and Kema-Keur
Average lifetime in excess of 50,000 hours at Ta = 50 °C
Rapid warm lamp start with filament pre-heating < 1.6 sec
Active power factor correction to ensure constant light, irrespective of mains-voltage fluctuations
The Wago 744 connector offers the flexibility for horizontal-manual or push-in robot wiring, including a simple wire-release facility


Ideal for applications where it is necessary to reduce the wattage per square meter or operating costs
Applications where control devices are installed with occasional On/Off switching (e.g. where movement or light sensor detectors switch the mains)
Professional indoor applications with long operating hours such as office buildings, call centers, classrooms, hotels, department stores, retail stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and industrial premises (e.g. corridors and low-bay trunking systems) and city parking lots
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