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    Bring spaces


    Play with light, texture and dynamic content


    That's the beauty of Philips luminous textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells. It combines multi-colored LEDs seamlessly within beautiful textile panels that also soften sound.

    A solution that gives you endless ways to play with color, movement, texture and light. So you can express emotions, make a design statement and bring spaces alive.


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    Inspiration  everywhere


    Every space demands its own meaningful solution. Luminous textile helps you achieve your boldest visions and capture the essence of a space in a totally unique way.

    Magical retail


    The longer people linger in store, the more they’re likely to buy. Luminous textile creates magical effects everywhere from the front window to the fitting room. Creating stopping power, attracting glances, enhancing a brand’s personality, reinforcing its identity and guiding shoppers effortlessly through the store. It’s also a welcome distraction, reducing the perception of waiting times in the fitting room or at the store checkout. Enhancing the shopping experience even further.

    Luminous textile applied at Corio in Dresden

    Enchanting hospitality


    Create an enchanting experience that will enhance hotels, bars and restaurants. Help hotel guests to wake up naturally by showing a beautiful sunrise in the breakfast room. Transform a restaurant into an alfresco dining experience with a stunning outdoor scene. Or turn up the tempo in bars and clubs with cool and colorful disco content.
    With luminous textile you can even take conference rooms from boring to inspirational.

    Luminous Textile applied at the Beluga hotel

    Inspirational offices


    Modern offices can feel cold and impersonal. Luminous textile is the perfect way to emphasize your company’s personality. It adds the warmth and inspiration that stimulates creativity, improves productivity and energizes office life. With softened sound to improve concentration and promote well being. So business is a pleasure.

    Luminous textile applied at the 200 gray’s Inn Road

    Soothing healthcare


    Hospital visits can make people feel anxious. De-stress waiting areas and create a positive distraction with soothing, dynamic content. Patients can relax, staff feel energized and treatment goes more smoothly. Luminous textile makes everyone feel better about a stay in hospital.

    Luminous textile lit up the patient room at the Nordsjaellands-Hospital

    The benefits

    Design freedom


    Luminous textile comes in a wide range of sizes and can be arranged in infinite ways so you can orchestrate your own composition. Create one huge mood wall as a sensational backdrop. Follow the rise of a staircase with staggered panels. Or scatter individual panels over a wall and display fluid content across them. Anything is possible.

    Luminous textile panels applied at the ISS University

    Easy to control


    Use videos from our online standard portfolio to add decorative effects or produce natural ambiences. Or upload your own dynamic content with our special software to create a personal look and feel. It’s easy to control luminous textile with any device that’s connected to the panel network, such as a mobile phone, laptop or tablet. So you can change the atmosphere in a room at the touch of a button.

    Luminous textile panels applied at the ISS University

    Easy to install


    A unique solution, all electronics are integrated in the luminous textile panel, making it very easy to install.
    Mounting is as simple as placing a painting on the wall. You only need the panel, a socket and some magnets or brackets.

    Soften sounds


    The combination of elements used in each luminous textile panel creates acoustic properties that absorb sounds. Unlike hard materials like glass, concrete and steel that reflect noise, luminous textile helps to dampen sound and soften echoes. So it can play a practical as well as a decorative role everywhere from office reception areas and restaurants to hospitals and airport lounges.

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