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    Xitanium LED linear drivers – non-isolated

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    Xitanium LED linear drivers – non-isolated
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        Xitanium linear non-isolated drivers are ideal for high voltage (HV) professional general lighting applications. The range includes DALI dimmable and programmable, 1-10 V dimmable, non-dimmable and single current versions. They offer high efficiency, good quality of light and full flexibility. The new generation of 16 mm DALI drivers offer ultimate performance. They comply with the latest DiiA standards, including implementation of the new DALI parts related to data. Configuring the drivers can be done quickly and wirelessly with SimpleSet. The new 21 mm DALI drivers offer the best value for money.


        Non-isolated drivers to support HV and LV linear office systems
        Flexible operating windows to simplify dynamic generation and complexity management
        Complete range of Sensor Ready (SR) drivers for connected systems


        Non-isolated DALI and Fixed Output drivers with 11 mm and 16 mm height
        Flexible programming of DALI drivers via MultiOne software or wireless via SimpleSet
        Low ripple output current for camera- and scanner-friendly performance
        Unique AM dimming in DALI drivers for flicker and noise-free dimming
        Five-year system warranty and 100,000-hour lifetime


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