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        Product family information

        ClearWay gen2 enables you to enjoy the benefits of LED technology right from the start. This new second generation of the luminaire builds on the strengths of its predecessor and is designed to further minimise your Total Cost of Ownership. ClearWay gen2 significantly improves the most important aspects of the street lighting experience compared to conventional lighting. Ideal for new streets and for renovating existing installations, this affordable range of lighting solutions combines clean, high-quality light with significant energy and maintenance savings. In short, ClearWay gen2 means good-quality light with all the added benefits of LED – energy savings and long lifetime. Offering more benefits, yet packaged in a thinner and lighter design, which makes it easier to install.


        All the benefits packaged into one single luminaire architecture
        Easy to install
        Low initial cost
        Reasonable Total Cost of Ownership
        Each luminaire is uniquely identifiable thanks to the Philips Service tag


        One flexible design variant offering different options depending on the needs of the application
        Compact and efficient design
        Tilt regulation without needing to open the cover
        ClearWay gen2 is also equipped with dedicated light recipes that preserve a dark night sky.


        Urban and residential roads
        Cycle and pedestrian paths
        Minor roads
        Data sheets
        Product family details
        • BGP307
        Light source
        • Integral LED-module
        • 5.9 to 82 W (depending on the version)
        Luminous flux
        • Core version from 2,250 to 9,460 lm (system)
        • Performer version: from 700 to 10,920 lm (system)
        Luminaire efficacy
        • Up to 150 lm/W (depending on the version)
        Correlated Colour Temperature
        • Core:
        • Neutral white (NW): 4,000 K
        • Performer
        • Warm white (WW): 3,000 K
        • Neutral white (NW): 4,000 K
        Colour Rendering Index
        • NW: 70
        • WW: 80
        Lumen maintenance at median useful life* 100,000 h
        • Performer: up to L97
        • Core: min L80
        Control gear failure rate at median useful life 100,000 h
        • 10%
        Performance Ambient Temperature Tq
        • +25 ºC
        Operating temperature range
        • -30 to +35 ºC (wider range upon request)
        • Built-in (self-ballasted LED-module)
        Mains voltage
        • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
        • LightWave CityTouch
        • LineSwitch
        • CodedMains
        • LumiStep
        • DynaDimmer
        • MainsDimming
        • System-Ready Interface
        • Nema Socket 5 PIN
        • Nema Socket 7 PIN
        • Constant light output (CLO)
        • External cable 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 22 m
        • Surge protection device (up to 10 kV)
        • Backlight louvre (BL1 and BL2) for some optics
        • Core version: Distribution Medium (DM) or Distribution Wide (DW)
        • Performer version: Distribution Narrow (DN10), Distribution Medium (DM10, DM11, DM12, DM50), Distribution Wide (DW10)
        • Other premium optics for perfomer upon request
        • Housing: die-cast aluminium, high-pressure
        • Cover: glass, thermally hardened, 5 mm
        • Standard light grey, (RAL7035), other colours upon request
        • Screw connection block or cable or, as option, an external IP connector
        • Opening cover with 2 screws
        • The Philips Service tag will help to identify the product and share all product information on the spot
        • Side entry mounting: Ø 32-48 or 48-60 mm
        • Post-top mounting: Ø 32-48, 48-60 or 76 mm
        • Optional spigot insert (reducer)
        • Recommended mounting height: 4-18 m
        • Standard tilt angle post top: +0 to 15º
        • Standard tilt angle side entry: +15 to -90º
        • Max SCx: 0,0203 m²
        SR compatibility
        • Luminaire prepared for SR drivers and sockets, offering a standardised, futureproof platform for connectivity and sensors.
        • For SR-based luminaires, only SR-Certified components/sensors are to be used (see also: Functional compatibility of 2 (SR-certified) components/sensors to be used in combination as well as to override the possibility of any lineswitch function used in an SR-based luminaire, is to be released by the master component/sensor supplier. For the use of a NEMA 7-pin socket on an SR-based luminaire, a full system verification is required. Not following this advice can/will cause risk of damage and non-compliance for which Signify cannot take any responsibility.
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