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    Our extensive range of luminaires can help you to light up every room. From floor lamps and wall lights to ceiling pendants and table lamps, Philips luminaires provide the perfect light for your home. Use the Home Lighting Designer tool to see how our products can enhance your home with different unique lighting moods. Find the perfect mood for a specific room, from warm and cosy ambiences for living room lighting, to bright, energising schemes for bathroom and kitchen lighting. With Philips, no two home interior lighting ideas are ever the same.


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    See the extensive range of bulbs from Philips Lighting. They come in an impressive variety of shapes, styles and fittings. Whether you want to create the perfect atmosphere for your living space or simply save energy and reduce household bills, there's something for you.

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    Turn your everyday lighting into an extradionary experience. Play with colours or sync your smart lights with your music and films.