Innovation and you

Innovation and you
A healthier glow
Sometimes innovation simply means making something less scary. Philips lights are doing just that for one brave little girl.

Join our upcoming webinar

Connected Lighting
During this webinar you will learn how Connected Lighting can help adapt office buildings to future information and communication trends.

Lighting Apps

Lighting Apps
Updates to the Lighting Hub and Learn LED apps, plus the new LightCollector app

LED Certification Program

LED passport
Improve your knowledge of LED lighting, become an LED specialist. Take our newest LED courses and gain knowledge on various LED and lighting related topics.

Master LEDtube Value InstantFit

InstantFit is a new innovation from Philips allowing retailers and business owners to now benefit from significant energy and cost saving by replacing fluorescent HF tube lighting with new LED tubes within seconds (compared to long installation process with earlier TLED versions).

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