A bright place to learn

Cost-effective, sustainable and smart

Educational establishments fulfil a unique role in society; as places of learning, belonging and community cohesion. From public schools to universities, cost-effective LED lighting can enhance the learning environment, help students feel safe on campus and strengthen a school's brand and reputation. Philips LED lighting creates inviting outdoor areas and indoor spaces that inspire concentration and focus to support your educational objectives for today, tomorrow and the future.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs with energy-efficient LED lighting

Adapt light levels and schedules remotely to further reduce energy usage

Schedule maintenance to minimise disruption

Increase safety

Uniform LED lighting minimises shadows and improves visibility

Adjust light levels to respond to a variety of situations on campus

Remote management enables quick repairs and less downtime

Build brand

Improve quality of life for students, staff and visitors

Stand out with a well-illuminated campus

Enhance student learning and wellbeing

Improve sustainability

Support green initiatives with sustainable LED lighting 

Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint 

Use light only where and when it is needed

Philips lighting services

Professional services

Lighting insights and customised design

Are you looking to upgrade your lighting? With your needs and desired outcomes in mind, we’ll assess your existing installation and give you clear insights and advice on how to optimise your lighting plan. This can include everything from a complete redesign to an easy LED retrofit solution.

Lifecycle services

Extend the life of your lighting installation

Your lighting infrastructure is one of your organisation’s most valuable and critically important assets, so you’ll want to protect that investment. With the right maintenance plan and remote assistance, we can help you extend the products’ lifetime and optimise their performance, with fewer interruptions and unexpected costs.

Managed Services

Outcome-based performance for your lighting

For total peace of mind, why not completely outsource your lighting infrastructure? Our Managed Services have got you covered – from the initial design and installation to continued hassle-free operation and maintenance. We will even factor in economic sustainability and help you minimise your carbon footprint.


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