StoreRefresh reimagining retail with circular lighting

Refresh your shop with minimum cost

Refresh your shop with minimum cost

One reason that shoppers prefer buying in physical shops is because they want to touch and feel the merchandise. When it comes to millennials, 82% of them will go to a shop as long as the shop is interactive and current. To remain on the cutting edge, it is important to refresh parts of your shop on a regular basis with meaningful, low-impact changes – with a focus on minimising disruption and keeping costs low.

Instead of a full refurbishment every 7-10 years, we have developed a circular infrastructure that is flexible enough to allow for different configurations and settings in a shop. With Philips Circular lighting, you can quickly give your shop a refresh and easily create different shopping experiences by using our Circular Economy-ready luminaires.

Benefits include flexibility and sustainability

Benefits include flexibility and sustainability

Up to date

Ensure that your shop is aligned with your brand promise, marketing strategy and trends. Create engaging, inspiring and flexible areas that can be easily updated for a variety of activities, such as seasonal events or promotions.

Remain attractive

Keep your shop interesting for both existing and new customers by refreshing parts of your shop concept on a regular basis. No need to rely on the lifecycle of the lighting project to determine change.

Reduce cost

Make smaller incremental changes to the concept and adapt the lighting using our circular infrastructure. Upgrading and reusing parts of the lighting solution enable you to make the most effective changes while minimising costs and disruption to the shop.

Optimise your resources

We give retailers the flexibility to adapt the lighting quickly to align with shop concept changes while optimising the full potential lifetime of the lighting installation.

Maximise the resource efficiency with circular lighting

Maximise the resource efficiency with circular lighting

We understand that you want to maximise the sustainability of your shop by creating flexible retail spaces that allow for easy and quick updates with minimal cost. We have developed a wide range of Circular Economy Ready luminaires to support your corporate sustainability goals. Our Circular Economy Ready luminaires are certified with an Enironmental Product Declaration (EPD). This document provides a comprehensive description on the environmental performance of the Circular Economy Ready luminaire, and the assesments are validated by a third-party sustainability consultancy.

Service tag: Making LED maintenance easier and faster

Since LED luminaires require different processes, serviceability, is always on our mind when designing new products. Service tag is a QR-based identification system that makes each luminaire uniquely identifiable and provides maintenance, installation and spare-part information. By scanning the QR codes on all next generation luminaires, which can also be used in North America, poles and packaging, you have easy access to product configuration information, enabling you to save valuable time and prevent errors.

Find out more about our Enviromental Product Declarations (EPD)

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Interact Retail

Shop lighting. It’s everywhere. What if it could support new operational efficiencies, enhance the in-store experience and generate data for in-depth retail analytics. Interact Retail enabled by connected LED lighting lets you do all this and more. Create stunning and flexible retail spaces, trigger specific shopper behaviours through zoning and layers of light, deliver location-based offers to shoppers on their smartphone via your store app. Now that’s smart retail.

Case studies

Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport opts for Circular lighting.

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