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Panningen, the Nederlands

Bruynzeel chooses Philips Circular lighting to meet their aim of creating a truly sustainable future.
Productieruimte Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Over the coming years
we will pay

a fixed monthly fee for lighting. We do not have to worry about management and maintenance, we’ll benefit from innovations that occur in the meantime, and we will have maximum peace of mind.”


- Bart Sijben, Operational Manager, Bruynzeel Storage

Igor La Vos, CEO Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Customer Challenge


Bruynzeel wanted to focus on their core business rather than the ownership and management of their lighting infrastructure. The company wanted a new level of control over energy use for lighting, as well as an end-to-end solution that would give them the ability to maximize recycling in line with their circular economy business agenda.

Opslag Bruynzeel Storage Systems

The right lighting


Philips Lighting was inspired by architect Thomas Rau to create a circular lighting solution. Rau established Turntoo, a separate business to support Philips’ ‘Lighting as a service’ model, to preserve resources by giving a residual value to all lighting materials and components. Together, Philips and Turntoo provide end-to-end management and maintenance of the new, budget-neutral lighting system. Bruynzeel now has a greater degree of energy efficiency and control over their lighting infrastructure, as well as guaranteed reuse of the maximum number of lighting components.

Philips Lighting helped Bruynzeel reduce energy costs by 73% and improved working conditions for employees. The company reduced Bruynzeel’s carbon footprint by 231 tons of CO2, minimized maintenance, and allowed the company to focus solely on its business.

Circular Lighting,
ensuring sustainability


A circular economy uses resources more effectively by creating rather than wasting, using rather than owning, and reusing rather than disposing.

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73% energy

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