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    Lighting that 

    drives sustainability

    AB InBev,
    Rosslyn, South Africa

    Greener, innovative and smarter lighting at one of Africa’s largest breweries
    Lighting that drives sustainability Greener at Africa's largest brewery

    One of the key pillars
    in our organisation

    is sustainability and the first step is to see that we are as efficient as possible with our energy consumption and this is in line with that


    - Gugulethu Nogaya, AB InBev

    Lighting that drives sustainability. Greener, innovative and smarter lighting at one of Africa’s largest breweries

    Customer challenge


    AB inBev is on a global sustainability drive to reduce energy consumption while maintaining the high-quality standard of its products. To replace the old and inefficient lighting at the brewery.

    Lighting that drives sustainability

    The right lighting 

    The Philips LED technology used in this project was carefully selected to increase light levels while reducing energy consumption and boasting a longer lifespan. Due to the plant environment containing elements of steam, heat and water, a combination of the Philips GreenPerform 120W LED Highbay to replace inefficient 400W HPS luminaires, the Coreline Waterproof 57W to replace 2 x 58W 5 ft T8 fluorescent luminaires and the Philips 200W LED Tango flood lights to replace 400W HPS flood lights, which collectively saved up to 70% or 2,7M kWh per annum of the breweries lighting energy consumption.


    As a result, the carbon footprint of the brewery has been significantly reduced by 2,710 tons per annum, which is very important for the environment and the new carbon tax law. Total cost savings as a result of the project are estimated at R30 million.

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    The Team

    Nishal Rohan

    Key Accounts Manager

    Gugulethu Nogaya

    AB InBev

    Craig Wilson

    Energy LED

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