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    Harness the power

    of sunlight



    Solar powered LED lighting systems


    Say goodbye to darkness in the evening and costly electricity bills. Our solar-powered LED lighting solutions harness the sun’s energy to provide high-quality illumination for indoor and outdoor applications.

    This breakthrough technology delivers a convenient, sustainable way to light your space with minimal investment and maintenance.

    Road & Street

    Safety off the grid


    Presenting a convenient and cost-effective way to light your streets at night. Philips Solar road and street lighting systems provide clear visibility for pedestrians and drivers, without needing AC grid access. These reliable street lights quickly pay back the low initial investment with substantial energy savings.

    Solar powered street lighting - solar lights


    Beautify your urban area, the green way


    Help your city shine at night. High-quality illumination from our solar powered systems brings out the best in your urban landscape, making residents feel proud. And by using a green and sustainable energy source, you’re being kind to the environment too.

    Philips lighting urban solar lighting

    Flood & Area

    Enjoy activities long into the night


    Make that daylight feeling last for longer. Philips solar powered flood and area lighting provides clear, refreshing illumination that is perfect for sporting and entertainment events. Bring new comfort to your living and activity areas while keeping your energy costs low.

    Grass fied in Africa lit up with Philips solar lights

    Community light center

    Improving life in rural areas


    Bring your community together. Solar powered LED lighting enables local people to do activities together after dark, even in areas with no electricity. By harnessing energy from sunlight, a Philips Light Center can illuminate a space the size of a small soccer pitch at night. As a result, rural communities have a night time venue for sport and other important pursuits like healthcare, business, and education.


    The Philips light center operates on low-maintenance batteries that only need replacing every 4-5 years. Not only do these batteries keep the lighting system working, but they can also be used to power other devices like mobile phones.

    Philips community light center


    Bring the power of sunlight indoors


    Enhance indoor life at night. Solar Indoor Lighting systems give you more time to read and write at night. They even power phones, radios and TVs, meaning you can stay in rural areas without worrying about electricity.

    Boy posing in front of Philips solar powered lighting


    Solar lighting products

    Charge Controllers

    Charge Controllers

    Philips Solar Off-grid Control Unit(OCU)Gen 3.0 Charge Controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking(OCU Gen 3.0 MPPT CC)is an advanced battery charger for off-grid photovoltaic lighting system. The controller features a leading and smart tracking algorithm that maximizes the energy harvest from the PV and provides load control to prevent over discharge of the battery.


    Valve Regulated Lead Acid(VRLA)Battery integrates Gel electrolyte technology with long service life, high performance in deep discharging; it can be used in wide range of ambient temperature and keep good performance of constant power input.Philips battery subsystem uses lead crystal(Gel) battery, which poses long cycle life time and delivers high efficiency with depth of discharge in long term run. The battery could be buried in-ground, which is accommodated in IP68(1.3m deep underwater, 3 months)box, and also could be placed in on-pole metal box in term of mounting type. On-pole battery subsystem comes with charge controller as well.
    Photovoltaic Panels

    Photovoltaic Panels

    Designed for Philips Solar Lighting System; PV Panel sub-system include panel and connectors; Solar Panel utilizes poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline silicon solar cells that combines high Wp(Watts Peak)output, affordability and efficiency.

    Philips solar powered LED lighting system integrates highly efficient(up to 16%)and stable poly-crystalline silicon panel that generates positive power tolerance resulting in highly efficient system performance. We offer the panels ranging from 35Wp to 295Wp and all panels are dedicated optimized with robust connectors to be working in outdoor tough conditions.



    Philips Centralized Solar System offers long consistent power supply based on high quality Li-Fe battery, battery management system, MPPT photovoltaic charger, which brings long lifetime and low maintenance. On top of that, the bidirectional inverter can provide high quality power for the loads, to ensure loads work on continuous quality power supply. An integrated ultra-fast AC transfer switches ensure sensitive back-up loads working normally without outage occurs.
    Solar Indoor Products

    Solar Indoor Products

    Solar Indoor Lighting system with innovative design really brings most light to your living, which enables your visionary indoor activities come true in evening, LED E27 lamps and LED battens are optional in system, giving you more sufficient light during evening in comfort and simplicity. It also be able to power radio/TV via adaptor, standard USB ports are embedded to power USB-based device, like mobile phone and LED torch. High quality panel and battery(Gel or Lithium-ion battery).


    PV cable sub-system is for connecting PV panel and Charge Controller, Plug and Play connector ensures the easy wiring, IP67 protection.Philips solar cable subsystem is with connectors of plug-and play as well as fool-proof, which ensures the easy installation and reliability. Cable subsystem includes PV cable, luminaire extension cable, and battery cable.

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      Solar lighting systems  

    Standalone off-grid

    Standalone off-grid


    Road and street lighting can be off-grid to lit anytime, anywhere, once for all.

    standalone hybrid

    Standalone hybrid


    Connect your AC grid lighting to solar system to save more energy and be more environment-friendly.

    Centralized off-grid

    Centralized off-grid


    To lit and electrify your areas with centralized off-grid system.

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