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      TUV 36T5 HE 4P SE UNP/32
      TUV 36T5 HE 4P SE UNP/32

      TUV 36T5 HE 4P SE UNP/32

      Order code: 64231899

      Full Product Code: 871150064231899


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    General Information
    Cap base
    4PINSSINGLEENDED  [ 4 Pins Single Ended]
    Warnings and safety: A lamp breaking is extremely unlikely to have any impact on your health. If a lamp breaks, ventilate the room for 30 minutes and remove the parts, preferably with gloves. Put them in a sealed plastic bag and take it to your local waste facility for recycling. Do not use a vacuum cleaner.
    DANGER: Risk Group 3 Ultra Violet product. These lamps emit high-power UV radiation that can cause severe injury to skin and eyes. Avoid eye and skin exposure to unshielded product. Use only in an enclosed environment which shields users from the radiation.
    Main application
    Useful life (nom.)
    9000 h
    System description
    High Efficiency
    Light Technical
    Colour Code
    Colour Designation
    -  [ Not Specified]
    Depreciation at useful lifetime
    15 %
    Operating and Electrical
    Power (Rated) (Nom)
    40 W
    Lamp current (nom.)
    0.425 A
    Voltage (Nom)
    94 V
    Mechanical and Housing
    Cap-base information
    4 Pins Single Ended
    Approval and Application
    Mercury (Hg) content (nom.)
    3.0 mg
    UV-C Radiation
    15 W
    Product Data
    Full product code
    Order product name
    TUV 36T5 HE 4P SE UNP/32
    EAN/UPC – product
    Order code
    Numerator – quantity per pack
    SAP numerator – packs per outer box
    Material no. (12 NC)
    SAP net weight (piece)
    87.000 g
    Installation Diagrams
    4-Pins Single Ended
    4-Pins Single Ended
    XDPB_XUTUV-Spectral power distribution B/W
    XDPB_XUTUV-Spectral power distribution B/W
    XDPO_XUTUV-Spectral power distribution Colour
    XDPO_XUTUV-Spectral power distribution Colour
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