More chance of football success with UV-C disinfection lighting

PSV Eindhoven Eindhoven,The Netherlands

PSV Eindhoven

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

A virus-free environment is high on the agenda of many clubs and associations like Premier league team PSV Eindhoven. That’s why PSV chose Philips UV-C upper air disinfection lighting for various rooms in their sports complexes.

PSV Eindhoven Eindhoven,The Netherlands
The health of our players is extremely important to us, and actually essential for the progress of matches. With Philips UV-C disinfecting upper air luminaires, we can offer our players and those of visiting clubs a little more protection.
-Frans Janssen, PSV Commercial Director
PSV Eindhoven Eindhoven,The Netherlands

Customer challenge

Like every major football club, PSV has an interest in continuing to play matches and competitions. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, in which this newlydiscovered virus is able to infect a large number of athletes and thus undermine the course of competitions, this is a huge challenge.

PSV Eindhoven Eindhoven,The Netherlands

The lighting solution

PSV installed 15 Philips UV-C disinfecting upper air luminaires at both locations. In the stadium, three of these are in the home team changing room and three in the visiting team changing room. At the campus, there are five in the changing rooms and another four in the medical room. These are all areas where players spend a relatively long time with each other in close proximity, and where the risk of contamination is high.

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