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The first intelligent

plug-and-play luminaire

The first intelligent luminaire designed for seamless connectivity


The neo-classical design of the new Iridium gen3 family ensures smooth integration of the luminaire in residential areas as well as on main roads. Inspired by the round shape of Iridium, the new Iridium gen3 provides the best of new LED technology while still echoing the legacy designs.


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Iridium gen3 is the first intelligent luminaire designed for seamless connectivity. No hassle in commissioning – just install the luminaire and control it directly from a distance through CityTouch lighting management platform. Remote light management made easy!




Patient room lighting system

Iridium gen3 CityTouch Ready luminaire


Iridium gen3 is an intelligent luminaire, part of the IntelligentCity system approach, and can be seamlessly connected with CityTouch via integration of all the intelligence into the luminaire without any additional hardware needed. The communication runs directly via the public mobile network. As a positive side effect, no own maintenance effort is required. In addition, the whole connectivity management is part of our service which keeps any hassle away from you as a customer. Once connected to the power supply a light point automatically appears on the CityTouch map at the right location – with all lighting assets imported into the system and ready to be remotely controlled by CityTouch LightWave.


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Side-entry installation
Post-top installation with CityTouch LightWave
Easy installation in 3 steps by innovative spigot

Iridium gen3 overview



  • Iridium gen3 LED Mini
    Iridium gen3 LED Mini

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